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Client Experience

Our customers have experienced the benefits of product applicability, technological excellence, pre & post implementation support and training. Each of their testimonials has reflected their positive impression - the end result of truly sincere and honest customer interaction.

  • Satisfaction with the provision of necessary training to school users and all other stakeholders.
  • Plaudits for consistent hand holding support in resolving issues, which strengthens the user morale.
  • Appreciation expressed on enhanced performance of students and teachers following successful implementation of performance related system modules.
  • Good record of increase efficiency, speed and transparency after implementation of Education Expert System.
  • Timely decision making through access to accurate information thereby facilitating and take adequate and timely corrective actions. Automation of the entire institution including student admission, fee, internal assessment record, attendance and examination.
  • Automation of personal service record of employees, payroll, leave account and other details facilitating efficient management.