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M-Star Examination module addresses one of the most critical functions of a school - Examination. This module is designed in such a way that it  can address requirements of various Educational Boards, e.g. CBSE, ICSE or international boards such as  IB, Cambridge, Australian, etc. From defining scholastic parameters against which the students have to be evaluated, to reports which have to be submitted to these education boards it saves your time, effort and cost. Also, in case you wish to change or adopt another Board, you can do so without worrying about changing your software.  

The examination module also empowers you to go beyond conventional approach of conducting academic examinations only. With this system, you examine a child based on a more holistic approach, i.e. besides merely measuring the academic learning outcomes, you can assess student on a host of other parameters such as behaviour, life skills, i.e. other non-scholastic abilities. With ready analytical reports you gain insight into a student/ class/teacher performance that includes strengths, weakness, trends, etc and provide valuable feedback.9/13/2013

You can define your own set of academic and non-academic activities/parameters, your own scheme of examinations (marked, graded, etc) and assess the students on the same. Being a process driven application, you can define examination schedule, date sheet, invigilation chart and even record attendance at the time of examination. 

Group institutions too benefit from Examination module immensely. You can standardize the examination pattern and scheme across all the institutions ensuring and providing a common level playing field to all the students.

From defining your own examination pattern, to following an examination pattern prescribed by an Education board or meeting ever-changing requirements of an Education Board, the M-Star SES Examination module is the answer.


Indicative Features

  • School specific Exam rules can be saved for each class section
  • Exam rules across class sections and can be replicated
  • Exam rules for individual subjects can be replicated within the class section for other subjects avoiding duplication of work
  • Date sheet, roll number allocation, invigilator allocation can be prepared through Exam Scheduling
  • Exam attendance is marked for a class-section for a specified exam
  • Marks entered in result entry are automatically converted to the grades based on rules defined
  • All calculation are automatically done by the system based on exam rules, subject rules, grade rules, etc
  • Standard report card formats available for instant results

Indicative Reports

  • Examination Schedule
  • Seating Plan
  • Result Analysis