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Gurgaon's Tech Firms Target Edu Systems

Financial Times, New Delhi, Thursday, August 1, 2013

“The demand of technologies per- taining to school-management sys- tems have increased in tier II and III cities which are yearning for world- class products and advanced technol- ogies,” said Surabhi Das Sharma, sr vice-president, MGRM. MGRM Net is the educational technology arm of MGRM that provides comprehensive products and services under the brand name ‘M-Star educational expert systems.’

DEMANDS BRING BIZ The education domain as a business has been largely ignored by most companies till recently. However, this technology transformation is a very recent phenomenon. The millenni- um city also shows a keen interest in acquiring such solutions in educa- tional institutes.

“It is only in the last decade, thanks to the Millennium Goals and funds infused by World Bank and various government schemes for education, that there is a spur of companies trying to map the educa- tional requirements. They are also rushing in to provide required agnostic solutions,” said Sharma.

SOLUTIONS AND EDUCATION The industry players believe that technology-related solutions will bring revolutions in education. These systems will help the educa- tion sector in different ways. “It brings process efficiencies and improvement in quality of service delivered; it will also release time for staff in educational institutions to do other productive work. It will work to bring improvement in learn- er engagement and learning out- comes. With the use of effective tech- nology, educational institutions can become ‘net knowledge creators’ rather than just knowledge dissemi- nators,” said George. Sharma believes that the introduction of technologies in the educa- tional systems will also enhance functional literacy, prevent dropouts and improve education system.