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This module is the entry point for all student related information in M-Star SES. Covering the entire lifecycle of a student, i.e. from registration  to withdrawal, you can capture and maintain a comprehensive profile of a student comprising physical, psychological and social parameters such as health & checkup details, interests, etc. 

Each student is allotted a unique identification number called the OmV Card Number, against which all student information is tracked as student progresses from one academic year to the other. You also save on time and effort as all student information entered at the time of admission is carried forward automatically to the new academic year upon promotion.


Indicative Features:

  • Student registration details are entered in the system. Details recorded include:
    • Registration number, date
    • First, Middle and Last Name
    • Class
    • Gender
    • Nationality, Religion, Social Class, Special Category, etc
  • A student record can be flagged for the following additional information:
    • Sibling in School
    • Staff Child
    • Opted for Transport
    • Opted for Hostel
  • Once the student data is entered the same flows through across all the modules of M-Star where student data is required
  • Details of occupation, designation, qualifications can be captured for a student’s parents / guardian
  • Student photo is associated in the Admission modules

Indicative Reports:

  • Class-section wise list of admitted students
  • Category wise student list
  • Scholar Register