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About MGRM Net Limited

MGRM Net markets and implements the state of the art e-Governance Systems and Services licensed by its technology parent, MGRM. They are based on unique proprietary technologies developed through years of research. The research was carried out with a special focus to assimilate diverse practices and smooth implementation of these systems.

M-Star™ School Expert System is an e-Governance platform addressing the requirements of Educational domain at varied levels including district, state and country level governance. It is driven by the concept of Multi-Completeness adeptly guided by the IITT methodology. IITT begins with sharing of Information that initiates an Interaction leading to a Transaction resulting in a positive Transformation. And Multi-Completeness concept takes care of the life-cycle stages at every point with pre-and post-validations and checks. Equipped with this life cycle based approach the entire span of education from pre-primary to higher education is targeted for improvement

MGRM Net advantage

The MGRM Net education E-governance System is a complete and integrated application, a fine blend of technology with value systems. This is designed to address all issues and needs related to Education and the E-governance Sector. MGRM Net’s E-governance is a research-based Proprietary platform that offers complete and efficient solutions apart from meeting the regulatory norms of different countries' educational systems.  It is offered on a “build, own and operate” basis to minimize the upfront investments on technology.