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We empower you to run M-Star yourself!

M-Star School Expert system is a ready to use & simple to use product. However like any other IT product you may require assistance for initial installation, configuration and training of your staff to make optimal use of M-STAR SES.

Keeping in view a school’s life cycle of events (e.g. Examination, holidays, events) we recommend a 3 month plan to institution to implement the product.


Week 1 – Week 4 M-Star Readiness Phase Like a cook requires certain ingredients before he cooks a meal, you should be ready with certain items which will ensure quick and easy implementation of M-Star.

This includes –

  • Hardware
  • Master Data – Student, employee, library as per standard format template provided by MGRM (if already available as per format the same can be ported to M-Star SES)
  • Policy Documents – E.g. Fee policy, examination policy.
Week 5 – Week 8 M-Star Installation, Training & OmV Card personalisation

Once you are ready, we would install the product at selected locations* within the institute.

A 10 day training program has been designed which would be conducted for designated staff. Training program can also be customized as per your requirement.

New OmV Cards for students and employees would also be personalized (Refer Services - OmV card personalization process)

Week 9 – Week 12

Handholding & Support Services

Once your staff has been trained and they start using M-Star SES, they may seek support to get comfortable.

For this purpose we provide 1 month of special support which may extended through online helpdesk or a on site visit * (Refer service agreement)

You would also be given access to MGRM’s very own MIP (Master Implementation Practices) wherein your users can directly log service requests and thereafter track the resolution process.

* As per Agreement