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MIP - Online Service Helpdesk

At MGRM, we understand that when it comes to Customer Relations and Services, you deserve the best! That is where our MGRM Implementation Practices (MIP) steps in. More than traditional services support, we now offer you a world of convenience, making you feel special at every step, pampering you with services and response time that you have always dreamed of.  With MIP, now experience a smarter,

What is MIP?

MIP is MGRM’s Implementation Practices. It is an online tool for M-Star customers, accessible over internet. It is a highly efficient cutting edge technology solution that will dramatically improve quality of helpdesk support and reduce service response time to you. It combines powerful features of service helpdesk with an elegant user interface. It provides you with a web-based customer interface that allows you to submit and update your questions and requests, search a knowledgebase and post new ideas. You will also get your own dashboard to track the status of your requests.

Why do you need MIP?

Are you tired of complaining that you are still awaiting response for your request? Check the status of your request yourself real time, anytime from anywhere now with MGRM’s extended service to you as MIP!

Moreover, you need not wait now for our Executive to answer your phone call. As there are no limited hours of operation, you may log in your request for MGRM support anytime. With MIP, you will know that your issue is being correctly logged, assigned and addressed within a dedicated system, instead of being lost in paper-work, or verbally "handed" around the office.

Some of the benefits we intend to extend to you through MIP are:

  • It will allow you to log a request specific to a screen in M-Star or generic
  • You need not spend time calling our executives but simply log in any kind of service request in MIP. It would directly go to the relevant team instantaneously
  • You will be able to track the current status of your request in real time environment bringing complete transparency from MGRM’s side
  • The request would be raised directly by you as a user so any potential errors in understanding by our executives are reduced dramatically
  • MIP is being monitored by our senior dedicated team to provide you with quick response so it will ensure faster service response from MGRM
  • Online monitoring for managing all the requests raised by your institute users too
  • Instant access to the previous queries raised by you and solution received from MGRM so you can anytime check for a similar solution online
  • Extremely user friendly interface and ease of use
  • Personal history is recorded for future reference so that trends, and trouble areas can be quickly identified and addressed
  • You can do this from any location where you can get access to an internet browser. This means supporting you in remote locations just got a whole lot easier
  • You get a standard way of reporting issues
  • You will receive automatic email notification about the status of your helpdesk job

The bottom line for you is that you get better and timely service. Recurring issues can be prevented and they have confidence that nothing will "fall through the cracks". And what more – it’s for you with no additional cost!!  

What do you need to access MIP?

You can use this all new feature only through internet browser. MGRM shall be providing you with limited OmVcards for MIP access at no additional cost.

Online Help desk support has become an essential tool for all businesses today and MGRM has also considered it as an indispensible part of its customer service protocol, keeping in mind the warm relations we share with you.