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Once M-STAR SES is installed at your institute, your staff is ready for training. MGRM’s training module has been specially designed keeping in view the diversified and specialized needs of school staff – from teaching staff to administrative staff, from employees who have a fast learning curve to those who are new to computers.

For this MGRM employees qualified training professionals. Our internal “M-Star Certified Professional” training & certification program ensures you receive training from the best!

Training during initial Implementation

For implementation of M-STAR SES we have designed and recommend a 10 day customizable training schedule which may be spread over a period of 1 month as per your convenience.

Who would be trained?

Before we begin training we recommend that school designates 1 person from each department who would take the lead and be responsible for implementation & usage of the module. We like to name this person M-Star Champion.

Training would thereafter be given to the M-Star Champion along with 1 or 2 other key users from the department. This would ensure in absence of 1, the other person is able to operate the application.

For certain features such as entering employee leave application, examination result entry MGRM team can conduct a group session or if required train 1 person designated from the school who would train remaining staff.

Where is training conducted?

For initial implementation period training is conducted at the school premises. We request schools to provide a dedicated facility (room / workstation) where the training can be conducted. This ensures trainees remain focused and uninterrupted and effective training sessions can be conducted.

What would be the timing & duration of training?

Keeping in view school working hours and daily schedule of a school, training can be conducted during or after school hours. Training sessions are scheduled for 3 hours each day. Our training staff is available from 9am – 5pm.

Training post implementation

We understand that a need may arise for refresher training or the need to train a new staff. Training sessions in such cases can be extended through remote desktop or actual visit.* You can raise a request in  MIP for the same and our training department would be happy to contact you.

* For mode of training & number of training sessions, please refer service agreement with MGRM