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OmVcard Personalisation

OmV Card is the key and most important component of M-STAR SES product. MGRM has vast experience of over 10 years customizing cards. The process of customization involves two steps -

  • Physical Personalization – Printing of students or employees details on the card
  • Electronic Personalization – Configuring the card for necessary role based or user specific access rights using which they would be able to access the application

OmV card personalization is required in following cases:

  • New cards for students and staff during initial implementation
  • New cards at time of admission of new students or recruitment of new staff
  • Duplicate card request in case of loss or damage of old card


Getting student & employee cards personalized is a simple 4 step process

  • Update Data: Update student & employee data in M-STAR SES
  • Attach Photographs: Tag/upload photographs of respective students & employees to their records in M-STAR SES
  • Verify report: Generate and verify report comprising of student/employee data & their respective photographs to avoid errors
  • Raise service request: Raise request to MGRM through MIP