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Why M-Star SES

Need of a solution at a school level

Education institutes have evolved over the years. Today schools have to deal with thousands of students and hundreds of faculty members, facing the constant challenges to ensure quality delivery of education. With its current size and scale, how does a school really focus on an individual?

While the onerous task of running the school is vested with the Management and the Principal, their challenges multiply with the education domain having to respond to the requirements of a virtual industry and competing entities in this domain, who offer more and more material facilities. These are a challenge  to  preserving the years of traditions at a school that make it an institution, as also ensuring that the school stays ahead in this competitive environment. Additionally, the standing and stature of the school leaders resulting in a personality cult of leadership also have their own positives and negatives.  These issues may be specific to a single or group of institutions.

The increasing debate of “Right Regulation” only adds to the complexities, be it with regard to affiliation/recognition requirements, certification requirements, reservation quotas, grants, etc.

The only answer to these challenges is to grow the school’s performance in terms of its quality output on a sustainable basis. Quality, therefore, in schools has assumed greater significance in current times. With the rapid advancement of knowledge and technology, school education must provide improved and speedy methods to meet today’s needs and enable students to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Stakeholders have an urgent need to revamp the governance structure to bring in agility in adapting to the future trends and mitigating risks. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) offers immense potential to augment these quality needs.

M-STAR SES is the only system which offers an effective response to all these challenges as an all-encompassing solution. Its ability to focus on the user irrespective of numbers in a personalized manner is a unique feature to deliver performance of this integrated platform.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has tremendous potential to extend and augment quality in school education by improving processes and workflows within a school, bringing it closer to its goal of increased efficiency and productivity.

Educators have begun to realize that by addressing Good Governance in schools through ICT solutions to solve their current problems. Resources are used optimally and stakeholders feel more involved in decision-making, bringing about a sense of satisfaction and responsibility.

Real examples to show how it is achieved

Student Dossier – Showcases how a student's profile is built within the application starting from point of admission to withdrawal. It is a complete student profile comprising of physical, psychological and social parameters i.e. health, academic performance, interests, discipline, behaviour and much more.

Case Study – Showcases how through implementation of M-Star a school was able to achieve 30% improvement in overall operating efficiency & how it affected schools results.

Portal & SMS – Showcases example of improved participation via real time information dissemination through portal & SMS.

Need of a solution for a cluster / government

Today a large number of group (private) & state funded schools exist. The objective behind these institutions is to ensure masses have access to quality education so that they can grow to become good citizens and contribute effectively in nation building. However managements (private or government) face immense challenges in running schools in line of this vision.

Various policies & schemes are envisaged to create and enhance value for millions of students, teachers, parents and administrative staff. Large sums of funds are allocated to ensure that the vision turns into reality. However both implementation and assessing the effectiveness of these policies & schemes remain a daunting challenge.

The need of the hour is a governance system which can –

  • Provide authentic and valid information that can help in identifying needs and formulate policies both at institutional & nodal level
  • Ensure implementation (of these policies & schemes) in a defined & standardized manner so that the benefit reaches the intended beneficiary
  • Provide real time feedback about the effectiveness so the required preventive or corrective measures can be taken

M-Star School Expert System is the only product which can assist management bodies to meet the above objectives.

Real examples to show how it is achieved -

Dashboard – Showcases how information is compiled real time at nodal level based on transactions happening at an individual institute level.