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Enhance operational efficiency and thereby improve academic results.

  • A case study was conducted at a renowned institution where M-Star was implemented. It was identified that with M-Star in use, overall administrative work (incl. both teaching & non-teaching staff) was reduced by over 30%.
  • With less administrative work, teachers were able to focus more on their primary duty i.e. teaching and addressing needs of students. This resulted in better academic performance.
  • The institution was able to utilize their administrative staff more effectively.
  • Administrative staff got the opportunity to enhance skill sets as their focus shifted from mundane activities.

Conveniently meet statutory compliances

  • M-Star SES takes care of much statutory compliance. Policies are embedded within the application and reports which are required to be submitted to authorities can be generated with click of a button. E.g. Provident fund reports, Reports for CBSE accreditation, CBSE – CCE (continuous and comprehensive reports required by CBSE), DISE reports, etc.

As it also is a process driven & audit compliant application it would help you immensely during various audits e.g. ISO, Annual audits by your CA, etc.

Enhanced services for students & parents

  • With SMS facility & access to online portal, parents can be kept informed regarding various activities & events on day-to-day basis, e.g. Alert incase of student is absent, fee reminder, examination results
  • Queries of parents & students can be addressed faster, as you have access to real time information, e.g. Pending fee amount
  • Previous year reports can be furnished at the  click of a button, e.g. Examination report card of a previous year
  • Parents–teachers interactions during (PTMs) can be recorded in the system for future reference

Empowers decision makers

  • Pre-configured alerts & a dynamic query system can provide critical information which can help you take preventive and corrective measures. Information can be related to an individual (student/teacher) or a process (admission, examination, fee, etc.)
  • Teachers get valuable information about students and can intervene at the appropriate time. (Preventive action), e.g. Declining performance in a subject
  • Similarly management can view valuable feedback about teachers, e.g. excessive workload on a particular day

Create comprehensive student & teacher profile to provide valuable feedback:

M-Star captures information about an individual in a holistic manner, i.e. physical, psychological & social parameters. The process of recording this information starts at the beginning of the life cycle of the student in the school, i.e. admission, when the teacher joins the institution or the time of recruitment. To name a few parameters –

  • Student – Academic performance, interests, participation, health information, etc
  • Staff – Performance, discipline, health, etc
  • These profiles empower the institution to understand student / teacher needs better and thereby take necessary action. Parents also benefit from this immensely.

Benefits to the Stakeholders - STAMP


  • The comprehensive profiles maintained in the M-Star SES can help teachers and parents to understand and address student's needs better –
  • From the day student enrolls in school, the system keeps a track of all the activities and outcomes such as attendance, participation in co-curricular activities, examination results, medical records and many more. As the information keeps building up across the years, it provides valuable feedback about the student.
  • A secure way for student to access personal and other valuable information through personalized OmVcard – examination results, relative performance, participation details, timetable, classmate's information.
  • Enhances students confidence in the schools functioning & systems
  • Student are assured their records are maintained properly in the system, e.g. they are not billed for wrong item, wrong book is not issued against the student, fee submitted at school is accounted for in the correct student account.
  • This is made possible through student’s OmVcard. As all student related transactions require student to present their OmVcard, errors arising from human intervention are minimized.
  • Enhances student–teacher relationship – With a messaging system available, students can reach out to teachers for their assistance.
  • Students benefit from a strong sense of empowerment –
  • With creation of a virtual identity within the institution, students too feel empowered. They have a secure window to access personal information, a medium to interact with peers and teachers, a medium to ensure that their identity is not misused and more importantly are aware a system continuously provides an unbiased feedback regarding their strengths, weakness using which they can enhance their own personality.


  • Reduces administrative load on teacher by over 30% by automating various activities, e.g. attendance calculation at month end, examination result compilation and report generation, preparing reports for management
  • Are alerted to academic problem areas of students – M-Star SES equips teachers with tools which they can use to analyze student performance
  • Send and receive personalized alerts instantly – SMS alerts can be sent to parents with click of a button. E.g. Examination results, student absence.
  • As the SMS functionality is completely integrated with M-Star SES, you are not expected to re-enter/update parent telephone numbers separately. Similarly once examination result is entered in M-Star you do not require to feed the result in SMS functionality again – saving a lot of time & also preventing manual intervention & mistakes.
  • Obtain online access to schedules and duty assignments
  • Eg. Daily substitution details are made available to you at your home page.
  • Experience improved communication with students and parents
  • Unbiased tool for performance evaluation
  • Most schools have a yearly performance appraisal system. Teachers are often concerned that their efforts during the year be duly recognized and an unbiased mechanism of performance appraisal be adopted by the management. M-Star SES helps in this process. It provides a detailed and unbiased feedback about the teacher to management, and also brings to light additional performance parameters which otherwise remain hidden
  • Enhanced services for staff -
  • Any personal information – from pending leave balance to last salary details, all is accessible in a secure manner through click of button


  • School can keep track of alumni and network with them
  • Participation details & contribution by alumni can be tracked


  • An electronic blueprint of the school with embedded process-driven workflows
  • From a single window, management can monitor, schedule, track and analyze various reporting schools. Overall administrative efficiency increases immensely as processes based on best practices in education domain are embedded in the application
  • Inbuilt compliances with regulatory systems
  • Requirements of regulatory bodies – (States level, National level, Education boards) and those of International standards have been taken into account while developing the application. You save time, effort & money needed to meet these requirements as ready reports are available from the system.
  • Create any required report with the powerful Dynamic Query System module (DQS)
  • Ad-hoc report requirements to view basic information or for analytical purposes can be met through dynamic query system. E.g. You want to view marks secured in Science for those students whose parents are doctors or want to view list of student who stay in a particular part of a city (or may be even more complex combination) is made possible through DQS
  • Use real-time data to guide daily activity and support decision-making
  • Implement policies and guidelines easily and uniformly
  • You can define and configure policies in the system, e.g. Fee, Leaves, Examination, etc. If required you can standardize these policies across institutions (from group/govt.) to ensure uniformity
  • Increase the school’s recognition in the community
  • Enhance recruitment for increased enrolment
  • Zoom in on problems more quickly
  • Reduce waste of valuable resources
  • Assured of the highest possible user security


  • Receive direct and seamless information flow from the school. Through SMS alerts & Portal you are kept up to date regarding your child's activities in school
  • Are assured of confidentiality where appropriate. Privacy within school is ensured via the OmVcard. While at home, information pertaining to your child can only be accessed by a unique user name & password allotted to you
  • Monitor student's academic progress, participation in extracurricular activities and financial transactions
  • Receive quality information, available at any time and no surprises at report card time. Preventive action is made possible through various tools which allow you to do trend analysis, e.g., performance in a particular subject across the year.
  • Experience increased involvement with reduced frustration