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The M-Star Difference
M-Star School Expert SystemOther School Software Solution

It is the only comprehensive ready to use product which can address needs of various departments (14 modules are part of standard offering)

Even though most software solutions claim to have solutions for entire schools, they only have 2-3 ready modules and remaining have to be customized which takes 1-2 years and large investment from school (hidden cost)

Ready to use product

Most require large amount of technical development before usage can begin

Configurable and flexible for ever changing needs, e.g. From 5th pay commission to 6th pay commission no technical change was required in M-Star SES

With every minor change in policy or process you are completely dependent upon the organization as they need to make technical intervention each time

Best practices & processes embedded in the application which can help you set benchmarks

Most software solution only address automation requirements and do not encompass processes & workflows

Easily adaptable since there is no change in the existing processes

Resistance to change due to new processes introduced

Data required to be entered once only which can be accessed any time by authorized person

Manual intervention required either to copy data if not from one department to other then from one academic year to the next

Understanding the criticality of data from institution and user point of view, high level of security provided through OmV Card.

Not much emphasis on security. Minimal security provided using user name & password even though software contains critical information, e.g. payroll, finance

Enables definition of clear role & responsibility of each individual. This is further ensured by role based access rights given on OmV Card

Roles & responsibilities can not be defined in such systems due to absence of workflows and processes

Personalized OmVcard for every employee and student to access, library, fee payment, attendance and much more

Only standard user name and password access

Scalable with every new need of the school in terms of new features, customization and expansion in area

Scalable only in terms of expansion in area


Every individual can access relevant functions and reports in just one click, while access to critical data is always secure. In a nutshell, we are talking about M-Star as intuitive vs automated, a multi-domain vs linear system, a fully integrated system vs various standalone systems that are not seamless, one-time entry that can be imported automatically vs frequent entries and manual imports each year.