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Parent Portal

About M-Star Parent Portal

M-Star Parent Portal is a web based solution which allows parents to log-in and check their child’s attendance, subjects, teachers, examination results, health, reading habits, fee status, event participation details, transport details etc in real-time. It fosters a collaborative environment where the student, teacher and parent can connect for holistic development of a child.

The portal acts as a platform to support the role of parents and encourages them to get involve with child’s education.

Few unique features of Solution

  • Portal can be accessed anytime and from anywhere
  • Can easily be linked to M-Star School Expert System
  • View real-time information; ‘as-it-happens’


To School

  • Ease of deployment
  • No repetitive activity due to ease of integration with M-Star School Expert System
  • Ease of configuration of users and administrator roles
  • Enhances your presence on the world wide web
  • Becomes a single solution within the M-Star Ecosystem
  • Virtual services to parents as to lower down the administrative cost
  • Anytime, Anywhere interaction with parents

To Parents

  • Ability to check students information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ability to view variety of student information such as attendance, facilities, faculty, etc.
  • Increased sense of ownership and responsibility for personal progress by viewing of circulars, notifications, fee schedule/ status, etc.
  • Ability to ensure that basic demographic data is up-to-date; view information such as address, telephone, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Always in touch with child’s progress online
  • Reports to better understand the trends in the child’s physical and psychological growth
  • Know about the school’s initiatives for students