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Student Dossiers


The essence of M-Star products lies in bringing back the focus on an individual. This is achieved by building

  • building comprehensive profiles in M-Star SES
  • providing tools for analysis & necessary intervention

In line with MGRM’s vision M-Star aims to capture complete characteristics of an individual i.e. physical, psychological & social. Thereby providing an insight into an individual’s personality e.g. interests, strengths, weaknesses, behaviour pattern.

Further, by taking a life cycle approach i.e. starting from point of admission and till the student withdraws, the profile of the student keeps building year on year in the M-Star SES, empowering you to do trend analysis and take necessary preventive and corrective measures.

Student Dossier

The aim of student dossier is to showcase how student’s personality evolved during the years in school.  It is an evidence of the value which the school added to the student’s life.

The report presents actual data & information starting from point of admission about the child. The information includes

  • All examination results – You can view performance of a student in a particular subject across years
  • Books read during the years
  • Participation in events
  • Health record of a student & much more