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Performance Dashboard


The essence of M-Star products lies in bringing back the focus on an individual. This is achieved by -

  • building comprehensive profiles in M-Star SES
  • providing tools for analysis and necessary intervention

In line with MGRM’s vision M-Star aims to capture complete characteristics of an individual, i.e. physical, psychological & social. Thereby it provides an insight into an individual’s personality, e.g. interests, strengths, weaknesses, behaviour pattern and more.

Further, by taking a life cycle approach i.e. starting from point of admission  till the student withdraws, the profile of the student keeps building year on year in the M-Star SES, empowering you to do trend analysis and take necessary preventive and corrective measures, which are otherwise not possible.

Performance Dashboard

Performance dashboard is a great value add-on. It is an online tool (data mining tool) using which you can view and assess student & staff performances. It provides a complete 360 degree view of all activities and outcomes related to the student or staff empowering you in making effective decisions.

Through simple clicks of a button you view vital information pertaining to a student, e.g. student health information, examination results, performance across years in a particular subject, reading habits, etc.

Unbiased evaluation of staff performance is a challenge for any institute today. Performance dashboard solves this problem by providing in depth information regarding performance of a staff too. From discipline, e.g. attendance, leaves taken to examination results - all information is depicted through easy to interpret graphs. If you want to view how a staff performed across different classes in a particular subject, it is now possible for you to get this information without any additional effort.