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OmV Card

What is OmV Card?


The Online Multi-domain Value Card (OmVcard) is the most unique and novel component of MGRM's offerings.   

The objective of the card is to serve as a single key for an individual to access services across domains, e.g. a student should be able to access education, health care, insurance related services, etc.

At the same time, it creates a single and a unique identity of each individual across domains which can be used to create comprehensive profiles and  provide valuable feedback to all stakeholders involved regarding the individual or the services accessed.

Single key to a world of services

Combined with M-Star SES, OmV card becomes a platform for an institute to extend services to stakeholders. By using  a single card, a student can avail various facilities – e.g. library (where it serves as a library membership card). The card user can further access personal information, e.g. examination results, notices and more.

As each stakeholder accesses these services, the system also automatically tracks the use of the card and thereby provides real-time feedback to relevant authorities regarding utilization of these services. This finds wide application, e.g. tracking individual’s log to tracking utilization of government schemes such as consumption of mid-day meals on real time basis, etc.

In essence it serves as a pocket computer – a PACTOP™, enabling you to access various applications.

Security & Reliability

The OmV Card brings a sense of relief to stakeholders as they are assured their identity cannot be misused, e.g. a student cannot be charged for an item by the stores which he/she has not purchased. Similarly, the examination results of a particular class & subject can only be accessed by the authorized teacher.

Also, as the individual’s photograph and other information are printed on OmV card, it ensures that every student/employee record in M-Star is authentic and unique. This serves as an essential feature for large group of institutions (private/govt) where nodal authorities are assured that consolidated information (accessible via dashboard),  e.g.  total enrolments, faculty strength across institutes are based on a reliable source.

Fact: The cutting-edge technology used for the card is among the most advanced in the world, with a 128-bit encryption to support the highest level of security.

Building profiles through unique OmV Card no.

OmV card becomes a medium to allot a unique OmV Card no. to each individual. All activities & outcomes of an individual are tracked in the system against this unique identification no.  The system keeps building this information year on year thus maintaining a robust profile of an individual. 

Define Job Responsibilities

Roles based access also ensures that responsibility of each stakeholder is clearly defined making each individual more accountable within the system.  E.g. Based on timetable / schedule of a teacher, access rights are automatically updated. A teacher can therefore access and update marks of his/her particular class/grade & subject only.

Sample Card


Current applications for student:

  • Identity Card
  • M-Star Access Card
  • Student Page Access Card
  • Fee Card
  • Library Card
  • Store Card
  • Hospital Card

Coming soon – Student can mark their own attendance through OmV Card!

Current applications for employees:
  • Identity Card
  • M-Star Access Card
  • Attendance Card
  • Leave Application Card
  • Library Card
  • Authorization Card
  • Store Card
  • Leave Card