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Setup is the most critical module of the integrated application, which forms as the foundation for all other modules. All the stakeholders are defined in the SETUP and data flows to all other modules. Definitions defined once in this module is integrated to all other modules providing single point of entry. Indicative Features:

  • The module records a detailed fact sheet about the institution like school's contact details, board of affiliation, managing committee's name etc
  • The Information defined here is displayed at the application homepage, all statutory report and other MIS reports etc.
  • Important definitions for academic year, sessions, session timings are recorded which are integrated across all modules like scheduler, examination, admissions, Fee management, attendance and more.
  • Provision to define separate session details and period timings for summers and winters.
  • Maximum records with minimum data entry and maximum clicks.

Indicative Reports

  • Activity List
  • Category List
  • Facility list
  • Holiday List
  • Qualification List
  • School Calendar
  • Class Section List
  • Class Section Wise Subject Listing
  • Department List
  • Designation List
  • School Fact Sheet
  • Session List