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Time Office

Time Office Management module is a convenient tool to manage staff's attendance and leaves. Daily in & out attendance is recorded using staff OmV Card. Further, each staff member can not only access their attendance record online

but also apply for different types of leaves, e.g. EL/PL, CL, ML, etc. With provision of online approvals, the leave balance gets updated automatically. Yearly leave allocation is also done automatically by the module based on leave policy defined. 

With provision of capturing and managing complex leave policies, e.g. sandwich rules, this module literally frees the Attendance in-charge of mundane work of maintaining registers and empowers them to administer staff through various reports and ensures high level of discipline.


Indicative Features

  • Online leave applications can be posted by individual users
  • Standardised work-flow in the form of online approval / disapproval of leaves by approving authorities
  • Auto compilation and updation of day to day attendance related transactions in the form of Late Comer’s Report, Absentees Report, Employee Leave Register, Employee Attendance Monthly Register
  • On line view of data with more accuracy promoting Green Technology
  • No dependency of the users on the TOM in charge for leave balance

Indicative Reports


  • Month Wise Attendance Proforma
  • Leave Details of an employee
  • Late comers repor