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This module takes care of the attendance of students in classes, labs, PT, library, exams and hostel.  In case of absence of a student, you can also automatically send SMS alerts to parents.


Indicative Features

  • Students entered in Admission module and associated to specific class sections are automatically displayed under the class section in Attendance module
  • Teachers associated as class teachers to specific class sections can view their students by inserting the personalized OmV card. It automatically displays their class section students only
  • Admission number, roll number, student name and status are displayed
  • On a single click attendance of a student is updated
  • Attendance can be saved for any previous day (that can be accessed from the calendar provided), but not for future date
  • All students are marked "Present" by default. Status could be changed only for those "Absent" or on "Leave" for the day
  • Students can be marked as "All Absent" or "All Present" in a day
  • Remarks can be entered against a student record while marking attendance

Indicative Reports

  • Student Attendance monthly register
  • Batch attendance for a day