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This module is designed to manage information related to Human Resources, i.e. your staff. From defining your HR policies, e.g. pay heads, grades, leave policy to managing staff information, e.g. personal details, official details,

it is a comprehensive solution for complete human resource management.


Indicative Features

  • A variety of details pertaining to an employee's personal information can be recorded in the system
  • Employee photographs can be associated to the employee records
  • Multiple addresses – Permanent, Present, Emergency, Doctor addresses can be captured
  • Employee qualification, last employment details, date Joining, Date of leaving, date of confirmation can be recorded in the system
  • Teacher responsibilities w.r.t. academic and non-academic subjects taught are defined for an academic year and session
  • Individual employee's current leave balance can be defined in the system
  • Grades applicable to the employee to process payroll is associated based on which automatic grade allocation and other calculation related to salary is done by the system

Indicative Reports

  • Department Wise Employee Details 
  • Teacher employment period in school
  • List of employees with their skill set