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Payroll Module in M-Star SES complies with international standards and provides you with the flexibility to configure institute specific policy in the system while adhering to various statutory compliances. On-going changes

in policy / new policies can be implemented with ease. 

A comprehensive yet simple-to-use module provides you assurance of 100% accuracy even while submitting reports to the statutory bodies, e.g. PF, ESI, etc. Monthly processing can be done with click of a button requiring only essential updates. 


Indicative Features

  • Monthly Payroll is processed based on grades, basic associated in HRM module for the employee
  • Bank account number, bank name, PF Number, ESI Number, Superannuation number for all employees can be defined in the system
  • Dependencies of pay heads can be recorded in the system. A maximum of 12 dependencies can be defined
  • Payable days for each employee can be entered before processing the payroll. By default payable days of all employees are for entire month and may be updated only for LWP cases
  • Based on pay head dependencies (e.g. HRA=30% of Basic + DA) automatic calculation of pay heads is enabled by the system
  • Employee specific pay head changes / updates (Income Tax, Advance, etc) can be defined
  • Once payroll is processed, feature for approving payroll is provided through the application

Indicative Reports

  • Salary Register
  • Pay Slip
  • PF Statement
  • Bank Statement